Anna Stromberg

Professional groomer, breeder, handler of dogs for the past 30 years.

Second generation in the sport of dogs and continuously competing at the highest level in North America and Europe.

Mostly known for her association with Afghan Hounds but also successful with many other breeds.

Grooming is a passion and Anna's relationship with her clients have resulted in life long friendships in many instances. She will make every dog feel like a Best-in-Show winner whether it is strictly for the couch or in a show ring.

Call 516 314 1937 or email for availability.

Please note: booking up to two weeks in advance for weekday appointments and up to two to three months in advance for holidays. Anna occasionally sees clients on weekends but most likely you will find her at a show somewhere in America.

Anna sees clients in Vista, New York. She is based in South Salem, New York.

North from exit 38 off the Merritt Parkway, Connecticut South off Rt 35 in Westchester County, New York.